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ReSieve Email Spam Filter
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Take control over the email spam disease.

email classifier, spam filter.

ReSieve supports roaming.

No more walking from workstations to workstations(very time consuming) to add, remove, modify or fix a filtering rule. Or worse, hit the road to do these tasks. There are no client software to install. By having 1 central device for all users and groups, administrators has the ability to make all those rules in a remote manner without leaving his desk.

GbJade puts another layer to security. While all competitor have their configuration software integrated in their device, GbJade does not do so. The configuration software is shipped in on a CD. Note that all communications between the software and the device is done in a most secure SSL mode. This software is for administrators only.

ReSieve classifies emails into categories you define. Gbjade's new cutting edge algorithm can make the difference between your mother's email, your friends or any other projects that you have and classify them into the folder of you have defined. Most companies splits thier emails into an average of 7 categories/subfolders, but in fact there are no limits. You want more, just instruct ReSieve to do so.

ReSieve will adapt to the kind of mail you receive. This device needs to be trained. Out of the box, it doesn't know anything about spam or how messages from your mother differ from those your friends or colleges may send you. However, after you trained it, it will soon learn how to tell these different kinds of messages apart.

Training ReSieve and statistics.








1 to 1,000





1,001 to 2,000





2,001 to 4,000





How does ReSieve work?
ReSieve acts as a middle man between your mail client and your mail server. Commands generated by your email client are passed through ReSieve then to the email server. As messages are retrieved, ReSieve reads incoming messages, tries to classify them to the categories you have defined(so called tags) and then passes them on to your email client.

Features and available options

schema-a for email classifier spam filter, email server in wan.

schema-b for email classifier spam filter, email server in lan.
  • User and group filtering rules
  • Backup / restore configs
  • Failover / redundency
  • SNMP trapping
  • Black / white access list
  • Intrusion detection
  • Anti virus
  • Email, SMS notifications
ReSieve configuration software demonstration video.
Other ReSieve setup option. 99.9% uptime in this kind of setup.
schema-c for email classifier spam filter, email server in lan.
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