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Jade Bandwidth Controller JBC
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Control your bandwidth!


Here is a small list of things that are possible
• Throttle bandwidth FROM certain computers
• Throttle bandwidth TO certain computers
• Help you to fairly share your bandwidth
• Protect the LAN from the Internet

Restrict access to selected computers
• Limit access of your users to/from other hosts
• Throttle source/destination IP address and / or port.
As described in the schema at the right. One computer as access to 1000kbs while the two other clients are limited to 250kbs. These can also be configured to borrow bandwidth from one another if wished.

This is the software by excellence for high speed ISPs. Control your customers/employees bandwidth efficiently with JTC. Nat can also be used for those that have non routable IP address. Monitoring options are integrated so you can take a peek at how your bandwidth controller reacts.

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