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WLB (wan load balance) Military strength and flexibility
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gbjade Wan load balance device 


Achieve uninterrupted System and Data Access.
Wan upload redundancy with WLB is by far the easyiest to configure on the market. Up to 5 ISPs can be added (model RW880). 1 ISP goes down? No problem the remaining ISPs will take over in less than 1 second. No one will be able to notice the switch that took place.

Twin your WLB to ensure maximum uptime and data availability, this will bring your uptime to 99.8%.
Failover is transparent, the switch will occur in record time.

Get notified when the switch takes over by email or SMS.
Notifications are also done on snmp traps.

gbjade Wan load balance schema
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WLB, Wan Load Balancer(isp)
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